Hants & Berks Poultry Fanciers

Hants & Berks poultry fanciers 1979 - 2009

The club celebrated its 30th anniversary on the 9th August. Held at Sutton Scotney villagehall, the committee members laid on a very successful party, with a buffet lunch and photos and articles from the last 30 years, brought in by some members to commemorate the event.

Around 50 past and present members attended, including many from the very first Hants & Berks meeting back in 1979!

The impressive buffet lunch was laid on by Julia and Mick Read. Julia also made the wonderful fruit and sponge anniversary cake and sewed the shield depicting the club name and emblem, which was hung, in pride of place, at the front of the hall during the party.

On behalf of the Club I would like to say thank you to all the members who helped set up the hall; and a very special thank you to Julia Read for her many contributions. Also a big thank you to Sylvia Soper, and Sylvia Hatcher for helping out in the kitchen, with teas and washing up, for the duration of the party. 

Millie Kent

Anniversary Day at Sutton Scotney on August 9th

We were so pleased to be invited to this celebration and travelled down from Lincolnshire to meet old friends from years gone by. It was so gratifying to be part of this club, which started as an idea and a list of signatures collected at the venue of the National Show at that time, Alexandra Palace, in London.

During the 25 years since we moved to Lincolnshire it has been good to see the club progress, with the support of the strong committee. So many of these have moved on to be an integral part of the Poultry Club of Great Britain.

Malcolm Thompson first had the idea of monthly egg shows at the meetings, and there was friendly rivalry between husband Derrick and Mrs Pickett and daughter Mandy Sargeant, with their Maran eggs and our Welsummer eggs. Another keen exhibitor was Lucy Ellen-Smith with the support of husband Peter. From those beginnings the club now stages probably the largest egg show in the country, quite and achievement.

We had a most enjoyable afternoon, renewing old aquaintances and catching up on their news – it was good to see stalwarts like Joe Steele,Dave Copas, Mike Hatcher and John Breslain. 

A lot of effort went into organising everything, with special thanks to Kay Roadknight for tracking everyone down.There was a lovely spread of food, with the highlight of the special cake, and magnificent banner which will be proudly displayed at all the shows.

Thanks to everyone and may you continue to prosper.

Janet Bullen

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